Industry Watch: Swiss table tariffs and then drop, the price will jump?

On the 7th of this month, Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng and Swiss Federal Councilor and Minister of Economy Schneider Aman signed the "People's Republic of China and Swiss Federal Free Trade Agreement" in Beijing, after the signing of the agreement, including some Swiss watches, Of the import tax will be lowered immediately, and some will be gradually reduced in the next 5-15 years. Swiss watch the first year which dropped 18%, after about 5% per year, or 10 years to reduce tariffs by 60%. Does this mean that Swiss watches in the Mainland will cut prices? According to our analysis of the watch price, the price of watches in the terminal price of a smaller proportion of the domestic market is expected to end table prices will not dive sharply, "Perfect Time" magazine editor in chief Mr. Wei Chang is also meager Such a response. According to "China Youth Daily" reported that the replica watches uk industry said that lower tariffs on the impact of small and medium-sized Swiss brand watches more in the future there will be more "niche brand" Swiss watches to enter the Chinese market, and million Swiss prices below the rate of decline More obvious. There are "Yangtze River Daily" reported that the reporter visited Jiangcheng more than a watch counter found that the brand price is relatively strong. However, according to the United States and a counter sales staff, the brand counter price or will be reduced, but has not received notice. Wuhan Heng Dali watches and clocks, Ltd. operates seven or eight Swiss watch brand, the company chairman Han Changyong said that the rolex replica pricing power in the hands of the brand side, the most likely to be cut tariffs to the raw materials, manpower, publicity And other costs, the impact on the terminal price is minimal. Panyu Lun, chief representative of Hubei Ruheng Pawn Co., Ltd. introduced, Switzerland Rolex, Omega and other high-end brand watches fixed annual price increase of 5%, has become the industry's open secret, offset each other, the tariff cut almost eroded. However, he believes that tariff cuts will result in rolex replica competition among brand operators, forcing the domestic price cuts, but the rate will not be great, "business more or less in the discount promotions on their brains."