Rolex 2013 Basel debut new Bund

"Rolex World" enjoy space covers an area of ​​more than 800 square meters, is on the brand history, tabulation process and sponsorship activities and other aspects of the comprehensive display, the world only one. This exhibition will be Rolex in 2013, the essence of the new exhibition hall in Basel completely restored in the Bund, fully embodies the Rolex watch brand as a Swiss leader of the status and value. The decoration of the exhibition area is in harmony with the brand image, and has elegant and modern decoration style. Pavilion design from the details of the Rolex watch to draw inspiration to create a new decorative elements. New watermark pattern reminiscent of the Oyster watch source of inspiration - the ocean, while the triangular pit pattern decorated with bronze walls inspired by Oyster watch design elements in the history of the triangle outer ring pattern. "Rolex World • sector" enjoy space In this year's Basel World Watch Fair, replica watches uk launched six series of new products, not only for the tribute to the classic style, more exclusive technology of inheritance and sublimation. All the new products all debut in Shanghai, allowing Chinese watch lovers close watch Rolex rich watchmaking tradition and excellent technology. All in the 2013 Basel World Watch and Jewelery Fair presented the new Oyster series of watches are Rolex as an independent, integrated watch manufacturer of the results, which also depends on Rolex with its unwavering value and nobody Accessible methods, continue its continuation of excellence, and strive to perfect the enthusiasm. This year is undoubtedly the most eye-catching Rolex first introduced by the noble platinum made of the new universe-type Daytona watch. This new watch is equipped with a unique ice-blue surface and chestnut CERACHROM ceramic character circles, so that the watch's outer ring of the famous speed meter exceptionally high profile. The legendary Daytona watch was born 50 years ago, this watch designed for professional racing drivers record the glory of the runway, but also the achievements of their iconic status, to become the world's most famous and most respected timing Watch. The new cosmometer type Daytona watch 4130-type movement, chronograph and top precision timepieces Cosmic type Daytona watch fully developed by the rolex replica 4130 type of self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, the movement is equipped with column-wheel. Like all Rolex constant movement, 4130 movement also received the Swiss official certification recognized timepieces certification, this certification issued specifically to the success of precision timepieces through the Swiss Center for Testing (COSC) detection of precision watches. This movement of exquisite design and high-quality production process so that it has an unparalleled precision and reliability. Watch the heart of the components - balance swing components, using Rolex PARACHROM gossamer patent, and by Rolex exclusive alloy casting. This gossamer is not subject to magnetic interference, in the temperature change can still be stable, the seismic force than the traditional gossamer up to 10 times. Rolex exclusive CERACHROM ceramic word circle in 2005, extremely hard, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, ultraviolet radiation will not fade, in addition to the excellent polishing effect of the material, giving the outer ring of outstanding, long-lasting luster. This year, Rolex successfully developed a blue and black color CERACHROM word ring and applied to the new Greenwich II watch, and also with the same color outer ring of 1955, the first Greenwich-type watch echoes. Classic followed, the legendary eternal. The same CERACHROM ceramic syllabus professional timer chronometer Oyster Perpetual Yacht Mingshi II watch this year launched the first 904L stainless steel replica watches , the Rolex 4161 movement with original mechanical memory setting countdown programming , Ideal to meet the precise timing of the racing race needs. Rotary RING COMMAND outer ring is the Rolex patent watch set time interface, you can easily switch between the different functions of the watch. In addition to the three Oyster professional watch, Rolex continues to add to the original classic watch series, the introduction of new rich color Oyster Perpetual Calendar Calendar, its beautiful leather strap with the surface color perfect With the 1956 calendar for the advent of this watch to add a ray of new ideas. Week calendar type watch 18 ct gold case with green or cognac surface and strap; 18 ct white gold case with blue or cherry color surface and strap; 18 ct eternal roses Gold case with chocolate or classic rhodium-white surface and black strap.