Diving table know how much

As we all know, light in the water easily dispersed, not suitable for conduction. So dive to 100 meters or less is very dark, so usually diving table pointer, scale or surface will be coated with fluorescent material, and deliberately enlarge the size of the pointer and scale, so that when the divers to read more simple. Luminescence need to use radioactive material, the earliest use of radium, but because of excessive radioactive has been changed to a new security material. The half-life of this material does not exceed 10 hours. PANERAI Panerai Luminor Submersible watch unique style, filled with a charming marine atmosphere. This professional diving watch is derived from more than half a century ago Panerai for the Egyptian Navy commandos made watches. As we all know, the crown is the only part of the outside world and movement. In order to prevent the water through the crown into the movement, watchmakers have developed a design called screw-in crown - the crown joined the rubber waterproof rubber ring, when the crown is tightened, The water was tightly cut off from the watch. There are a lot of diving table will be upgraded, they not only have a larger crown, but also to increase its deeper pit treatment, so that underwater operation more non-slip and convenient. At the same time, into the crown in the military table is widely used. Diving replica watches uk strap, are generally made of solid steel or special materials, the maximum extent to eliminate the corrosion of sea water. At the same time many of the diving watch strap are adjustable design, such as the rolex replica DeepSea series, its Glidelock buckle, adjustable width of 18 mm, so diving staff to wear even 7 mm thick diving suits can also be easily worn. Professional diving watch impregnable case with a magnetic protection device, extremely sensitive balance spring and thus from the magnetic field, vibration and temperature changes, so as to ensure accurate replica watches travel time. In addition, the watch for temperature change test, did not find any steam condensation. Watch connecting components should be able to withstand up to 200 cattle external force, strap and its connection to ensure that can also withstand such a high external force. IWC watch "Galapagos Islands" chronograph watch stainless steel shell through the complex curing process for the table presented black matte rubber coating.