The dive explorer arrived at the earth

Watches with its extraordinary performance to witness deep-sea adventure, diving watch all the time not to interpret the adventure of human exploration and technological innovation moving chapter, highlighting the never-ending pursuit of excellence in the noble spirit. An expedition journey is always accompanied by countless great moments. Diving table pioneer Omega diving watch the legend began in 1932, this year, the world's first professional diving watch - Omega Marine (Marine) watch come out. At the beginning of the birth, Omega ocean rolex replica has been leading the case design innovation, its pioneering dual case structure to ensure the waterproof performance. The outer surface of the mirror with anti-wear sapphire material, which was extremely rare. In 1936, the ocean watch successfully underwater 73 meters in the extreme temperature test, its excellent performance professional certification. Diving table pioneer At that time the diving movement is booming, Omega ocean watch will soon be applied to the underwater adventure activities: scuba inventor French naval officer Yves • Prieur (Yves Le Prieur), diving always choose to wear Omega ocean In 1936, the United States famous marine biologist, explorer, the inventor of deep-sea submersible submersible Dr. Charles William · Beebe (Dr. Charles William Beebe) had worn marine watch, successfully sneaked into the Pacific underwater 14 meters deep. In 1948, the appearance of tough, with excellent waterproof performance of the hippocampus series of watches available for the Omega won great praise. In 1958, the Omega Seamaster badge for the first time as a waterproof watch the logo, was engraved in the hippocampus series watch back on the table, since the design has been in use ever since. In 1957 the hippocampus 300 meters diving table come out, really created a modern Omega diving watch era. The watch's double sealed crown under pressure can be more firmly close to the case, the watch is three times the thickness of ordinary watches, which can withstand more than 200 meters of water pressure. In 1960, the second generation hippocampus 300 meters diving table. In 1964, Omega and then push the new work. This new watch before the official market, was the legendary oceanographer Jacques - Yves Cousteau (Jacques-Yves Cousteau) used in the Sudan coastal two underwater workstations in the ocean activities. Modern dive table era In 1970, Omega launched hippocampus professional diving 600 meters, once again to create a history. This is called "Ploprof" (French "plongeurs professionnels acronym, meaning professional diving) hippocampus replica watches, the appearance of the most eye-catching lies in the whole piece of metal to create a one-piece case.This watch is not only waterproof Performance to 600 meters, and the way to deal with row of helium problem is also very creative: the case sealed to helium can not enter the extent of just a year later, hippocampus professional 1,000 meters diving table followed, which makes Omega Deep dive numbers once again be refreshed .This classic watch in 2009 after the engraved, watch water depth of 1200 meters. Modern dive table era Since then, the Omega Seamaster watch evolved, showing a series of very prestigious watch masterpiece. At the same time, Omega's marine legend is also continuing. In 1981, Jacques Mayol, the legendary diving man dubbed the dolphin, wore the Omega Ocean watch and dived to a depth of 101 meters. In 1995, the Omega Seamaster watch more dramatic appearance in the 007 series of films, from wearing the agent 007 wrist, with him to complete one after another to save the world dangerous task. September 28, 2012, Blancpain (Blancpain) image ambassador Gianluca Genoni (Gianluca Genoni) to show their skills, wearing a highly reliable performance Blancpain Blancpain 500 diving rolex replica dives deep into the Mediterranean, World Diving New Record. After an official dive test, he dives under the supervision of a Notary Rapallo and dives with a dive thruster. He dives out of the water a few minutes later, elevates the dive depth, Of the world's free diving record. Rolex and director and explorer James Cameron ("Titanic" and "Avatar" director) and the United States National Geographic Society (National Geographic Society), to carry out the DEEPSEA CHALLENGE adventure together to carry out deep exploration activities, activity. The aim of the campaign is to dive deep into the Earth's oceans, the Mariana Trench, located about 11,000 meters (36,000 feet) below the Pacific sea level, and to conduct scientific exploration studies Rolex for the deep-sea adventure activities designed and manufactured a second-ever experimental watch - Oyster Perot ROLEX DEEPSEA CHALLENGE, water resistant to an amazing 12,000 meters (39,370 feet). This watch once again clearly shows the Rolex in the field of mechanical watch has always been the advantage, as well as waterproof performance in the watch extraordinary leadership position. This watch was placed in the submersible robot arm, along with James Cameron dive to the southwest of Guam in the "Challenger Deep" (Challenger Deep). ROLEX DEEPSEA CHALLENGE watch is a true sense of the deep-sea diving watch. With its cutting-edge innovative technology and unique aesthetic design, this watch is undoubtedly the Rolex Oyster professional watch family, a member of the outstanding. In order to achieve the deep sea diving watch very stringent certification standards, Rolex made a special high-pressure test box (pressure 1500 bar) on the waterproof performance of the watch tested. The pressure of this high-pressure test box is equivalent to a pressure of 15,000 meters (about 50,000 feet) deep in the seabed, and its test depth is 25% more than the water-proof depth identified by this watch. At a depth of 15,000 meters, blue crystal glass to withstand the pressure of 17 tons (12,000 meters to 13.6 tons), the case back to withstand the pressure close to 23 tons. In other words, the support ring at the center of the case to bear a total of nearly 40 tons of pressure.